Volunteer Lincoln is made up of members who are motivated to make an impact on Lincoln Parish by organizing and sending volunteers to complete one service project every quarter. Volunteer Lincoln is volunteer-based, volunteer-run, not for profit, and is based in North Central Louisiana.


Project Request

If you are a Lincoln Parish business, non-profit, or organization in need of volunteers for a specific project or event, please click the "Send a Request" button below and fill out the form with your information. Our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Become a Volunteer

Do you have a passion for serving your community, but don't know how to get involved? Then Volunteer Lincoln is where you belong. No dues or weekly meetings. We put all our time and effort into efficient communication and servanthood.

Sponsor a Project

Volunteer Lincoln relies on sponsors to gift specific supplies like water, gloves, certain tools, first aid materials, or even Volunteer Lincoln T-shirts. Sponsors will be listed on our website for their contribution and thanked through our social media platforms.



The 2022 Officer Team

Oliver Neal, Chair
Jason Walker,
Vice Chair
Emma Melville, Secretary
Jayne Archer-Jenkins, Recruitment/Membership
Marissa Husser, Marketing Coordinator

The Founders

Volunteer Lincoln was founded in the Spring of 2022 by the Leadership Lincoln Class class #35. While choosing between several service projects, the group said "Why not them all?" In order to accomplish this, they created a volunteer organization with no membership dues or meetings, just service-focused. Volunteer Lincoln's mission is to connect the community needs, serve nonprofit organizations through quarterly service projects, and engage with the people of Lincoln Parish. When we serve our community, we are leaving behind a legacy of positive impact.

FAQs about Volunteer Lincoln

Q: What is required to be a volunteer?

  • Once you sign-up, you're in!

  • There's no membership dues or meetings.

  • The officer team plans and organizes the quarter's service project.

  • Volunteers are not required to serve any number of times to remain active.

  • Volunteers can offer to supply snacks, water, or tools, if they so desire. Most volunteers will be asked to bring their own working gloves and a water bottle.

  • Volunteers can also join a committee that works with an officer member to accomplish Volunteer Lincoln's goals.

Q: What is a project sponsor?

  • Volunteer Lincoln does not accept funds or monetary donations. This is our main foundation in keeping the organization simple and streamline.

  • Project sponsors supply for specific needs for projects that the nonprofits we serve may not be able to supply to our volunteers. Project Sponsors will be given credit through social media posts and pictures, and at the bottom of our website for the calendar year of the project supplied for. Supplies can include: Water/snacks, shovels, buckets, trash bags, purchasing bulk Volunteer T-shirts, minimal tools, paintbrushes, etc.

  • Multiple sponsors can be involved per service project. A Volunteer Lincoln officer member will send a list of project supplies to all interested sponsors.

Q: How does a nonprofit request Volunteer Lincoln's help for a project?

  • If you are a Lincoln Parish non-profit, head to our website to put in a request form for your project/event.

  • Volunteer Lincoln plans, organizes, and sends volunteers to one service event per quarter. If we already have a scheduled service project for the quarter, you should still send in a project request form. In this instance, a Volunteer Lincoln officer will share the information with our volunteers so they can reach out independently to offer their time.

  • If a nonprofit needs volunteers for an event versus a service project, feel free to still send in a request form.

Thank You to our 2022 Project Sponsors / Contributors

Quarter 1 Service Project at the North Louisiana Military Museum - Ruston Chamber of Commerce
Quarter 2 Service Project at the Boys and Girls Club - Leadership Lincoln Class #35
Quarter 3 Service Project at the Lincoln Parish Museum and Historical Society - Volunteer Lincoln

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